Program API


The Program API is used to communicate between LanternPay and a Program (i.e. scheme) for the purpose of determining the funding result for claims submitted by billers. To facilitate this communication, the Program API comprises a set of webhooks and RESTful API resources for consumption.

Claiming Overview


Billers register with LanternPay. When a biller indicates a desire to submit claims to a particular Program, the biller must first be authorised by the Program. Depending on the program, each provider (person doing the service) may also need to be approved prior to claiming.

Onboarding Overview

Processing Payments

A Payment Processor performs the function of batching processed claims into payment instructions and sending remittance advices.

  • Some Programs may elect for LanternPay to perform the Payment Processor function
  • Other Programs may handle the Payment Processing function internally (where their Claim Management System connects directly to their finance/payment system)

When LanternPay receives a funding result for a claim (i.e. an invoice line item) from a Program, this “promise to pay” is called a Contribution. The Payment Processor batches up several Contributions into a payment run and facilitates the transfer of the funds to the Biller, along with a remittance advice. The biller can extract the details of the payment status of each claim via their interface with LanternPay.

Resources and Specifications

For more information as well as a full technical specification of the Program API, please contact